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SAX3904 Nationality unrequired, College Music, Arts Lecturers needed at Shangluo,Shaanxi
Position ID: SAX3904 Views: 1437
Employer’s Type: Public University ID in System: 20220818104647869
Job’s Type: Teaching Job Employer's ID:2015020214324242023
Location:   Shangluo Shaanxi View The Position's Location in Google Map
Start Date: From:Anytime        At least 6 Months
Vacancy: 5 Foreign Teachers in School: 10   every year
Update: 2022/12/5
Labels of this Job: Low consumption City Small City Provide Residence Permit,Work Visa and Work Permit for Education
Special Note:
Probation period: 30 days
Basic Qualifications for Application
Degree: Masters/ Post Graduate   or Above
Age: Only From:20 To: 60 years old
Work Experience: Only at least  2 years
Nationality: Canada,United Kingdom,United States,Australia,New Zealand,Ireland,South Africa,
Specialty: Unrequired
Gender: Unrequired
Statements: Applicants from English-speaking countries are Preference.
Contract Terms:
Salary/M: From RMB: 18000 To RMB: 22000
Period/week: Teaching hours: 14        Office working Hours: 0
Student’s age: from: 18 to: 25  years old
Course Statements: Music
RMB 8000 /Year
Airfare Statements:
Paid Holiday and Travel:
Travel Allowance:
RMB 2200  Year
Telephone Allowance:
RMB /Year
Medical/Insurance: RMB  1360 /Year
Medical/Insurance Allowance:
Allowance Apartment: Private Apartment
Apartment Detail: Computer,Office,Internet,Private Bedroom , TV,Private Kitchen ,Air Conditioning/ Heating,Private Bathroom,Phone,Furniture Water ,Washing Machine ,Electricity,Refrigerator,Gas ,
Position Information
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Contact Information

If you wish our Senior Consultant to help you Apply Job, please send these information to us via email:
1,Necessary documents for this Offer: Resume; Copies of Degrees; Copy of passport; General photos; Copies of Police Certificate and Letter of Recommendation. Necessary documents can improve the chances of application.
2,These Job’s ID you interest most (No more than 5 , Please)
3,When you can arrive to work;
4,Other Documents if you have. Chinese Visa, TEFL/TESOL certificate etc,
Attention please: Lots Email we got everyday from the world, sometime we could not reply in time, We suggest that you use the system, more faster and more safety.

Contact Person: Mr.Corey Yang Function: Senior Consultant No.68
Tel No.: +86-10-51663658 Fax No.: Wechat: waijiao1999
E-Mail: hr@anesl.com Addres: Haidian, Beijing, China
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