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NX9982 Nationality unrequired, University Medical Lecturers/Professor needed at Yinchuan,Ningxia
Position ID: NX9982 Views: 1286
Employer’s Type: Public University ID in System: 20180809130740985
Job’s Type: Teaching Job Employer's ID:2015051213061163476
Location:   Yinchuan Ningxia View The Position's Location in Google Map
Start Date: From:Anytime        At least 6 Months
Vacancy: 5 Foreign Teachers in School: 10   every year
Update: 2021/4/15
Labels of this Job: Ancient City of Culture Areas Inhabited by Ethnic Minorities Low consumption City Provide Residence Permit,Work Visa and Work Permit for Education
Special Note:
Probation period: 30 days
Basic Qualifications for Application
Degree: Only Bachelors/ Degree   or Above
Age: Only From:20 To: 60 years old
Work Experience: Only at least  2 years
Nationality: Canada,United Kingdom,United States,Australia,New Zealand,Ireland,South Africa,
Specialty: Unrequired
Gender: Unrequired
Contract Terms:
Salary/M: From RMB: 8000 To RMB: 15000
Period/week: Teaching hours: 18        Office working Hours: 5
Student’s age: from: 18 to: 25  years old
Course Statements:
RMB 8000 /Year
Airfare Statements:
Paid Holiday and Travel:
Travel Allowance:
RMB 4000  Year
Telephone Allowance:
RMB /Year
Medical/Insurance: RMB  1360 /Year
Medical/Insurance Allowance:
Allowance Apartment: Private Apartment
Apartment Detail: Computer,Office,Internet,Private Bedroom , TV,Private Kitchen ,Air Conditioning/ Heating,Private Bathroom,Phone,Furniture Water ,Washing Machine ,Electricity,Refrigerator,Gas ,
Statements: Salary depends on education and work experience
Position Information


性别Gender:□男male □女female ■不限unspecific              

学历Education:□大专college ■本科bachelor ■硕士master ■博士doctor


专业Major 英语文学、英语教育学、医学等                 

工作经验Working Experience:□一年one year■二年及二年以上two years and above

three years   □不限unspecific

年龄Age:□20-25  25-65  ■不限unspecific


□非母语欧洲拉丁美洲    □中东阿拉伯   □非洲、亚裔及菲律宾  □其它       

语言Language:■英语English  □法语French □德语German  □俄语Russian

□日语Japanese □其它语言Others

人数Vacancy 1one  2two  3three  4four  5five  □其他人数 


学校是否取得聘外备案资质Is the school SAFEA authorized to employ:  ■是 yes   □否 no

合同时间Contract time  ■一年one year    □二年 two year  □三年 three year

工作地点Working place ■招聘单位所在地on campus  

□招聘单位以外off campus (地点,离学校距离,交通方式)            


12-16课时/class hours per week 45分钟/课时45minutes per class hour)■不坐班

课程设置Courses   本科、研究生各年级段  英语口语、听力、英美文化、医学英语等   

饮食费用Meals:■学校餐厅免费供应午餐free lunch on school cafeteria

   ■提供炊具cooking utensils provided

商业保险 commercial insurance  ■是 yes   □否 no

免费汉语课程Free Chinese course  35课时/   35 hours per week  

住宿地点Boarding place  校园内on campus教师公寓 □学生公寓 □门禁)

□校园外 off campus

交通方式Transport:□脚踏车 bike 校车/公交车school bus/bus □地铁subway

□走路walk  □其他other

住宿环境boarding: □学校宿舍school dormitory  ■公寓apartment 套房suite

外教是否单独住一套公寓Is accommodation self-contained: yes   □否 no

公寓面积The floor space70-90平方米 (Square meter

外教公寓是否符合外专局标准Is the accommodationFAO Approvedfor foreigners

yes        □否 no

公寓内部情况:■合住公寓Shared Apartment 独住公寓 Single Apartment

一卧室one bedroom      室内用品:床,bedding 席梦思床垫

客厅 Sitting Room

卫生间Bathroom/Toilet  坐式马桶European Toilet

浴缸/淋浴 Bathtub/Shower

厨房Kitchen            微波炉或烤箱Microwave/oven

各式炊具盘子,玻璃杯子,茶杯,锅,平底锅 All kinds of cooking

utilities (plates, glasses, cups, pots, pans)

彩电Color TV           英语频道-中央9 (CCTV9) English Channel  

冰箱 Refrigerator       空调 Air conditioning 

全套家具 Complete set of furniture

洗衣机Washing Machine

全天供应电/热水/24-hour supply of electricity/hot/water/gas

              ■无线宽带Computer with wifi internet Access


家属和朋友是否可以拜访Can relatives and friend visit the teacher at school:

                            yes        □否 no



学校占地面积 The size of the school 82 平米

有几栋教学楼 How many buildings 4

是否寄宿 Does the school take boarders■是 yes□否 no

学生人数How many students 8927   教师人数How many teachers 896

学生年龄The range of Age18-30 班级大小How many students in one class 40

学生的英语程度Students’ English level□基础 Basic      ■中级Intermediate

■高级 Advanced

教学设施:Teaching Equipment:■电脑 Computer ■投影仪 projector ■音响speaker

■耳麦 headphone

学校设施Facility of the school:□电影院Theatre   ■体育场或健身房Gymnasium

  □游泳馆 Swimming Pool  ■餐厅 Dinning Room

■图书馆(英语书刊) Library (English)  

■医院Hospital         ■医务室Infirmary

周边设施Facility Around:■24h超市 24h Supermarket  ■网吧Internet Bar

■公园Park                 ■洗衣店 laundry

■巴士站Bus Station   □火车站Railway Station          □其他Other

学校所在城市The name of the city: 银川 City

市中心多远How far to downtown Km    城市人口 Population 百万人(million

医疗设备是否齐全 Are the Medical Facilities available:是yes   no


In a emergency, how far is it to the best medical facilities 分钟Minutes

Brief Introduction about Employer
Contact Information

If you wish our Senior Consultant to help you Apply Job, please send these information to us via email:
1,Necessary documents for this Offer: Resume; Copies of Degrees; Copy of passport; General photos; Copies of Police Certificate and Letter of Recommendation. Necessary documents can improve the chances of application.
2,These Job’s ID you interest most (No more than 5 , Please)
3,When you can arrive to work;
4,Other Documents if you have. Chinese Visa, TEFL/TESOL certificate etc,
Attention please: Lots Email we got everyday from the world, sometime we could not reply in time, We suggest that you use the system, more faster and more safety.

Contact Person: Mr.Corey Yang Function: Senior Consultant No.68
Tel No.: +86-10-51663658 Fax No.: Wechat: waijiao1999
E-Mail: hr@anesl.com Addres: Haidian, Beijing, China
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NX9981University English Teachers needed at Yinchuan,Ningxia31900/1/1 0:00:00 8000-9000 Yinchuan Ningxia 2024/3/21
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