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SC3961 Primary and Secondary Schools English Teachers needed at Chengdu,Sichuan
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Employer’s Type: Public Elementary & Middle School ID in System: 20150402151033718
Job’s Type: Teaching Job Employer's ID:2015040215090983754
Location:   Chengdu Sichuan View The Position's Location in Google Map
Start Date: From:Anytime        At least 6 Months
Vacancy: 8 Foreign Teachers in School: 10   every year
Update: 2019/4/9
Labels of this Job: Tourist City International Metropolis City Provide Residence Permit,Work Visa and Work Permit for Education
Special Note:
Probation period: 30 days
Basic Qualifications for Application
Degree: Diploma/ Non Degree   or Above
Age: From:20 To: 64 years old
Work Experience: at least  2 years
Nationality: Canada,United Kingdom,United States,Australia,New Zealand,South Africa,Ireland,
Specialty: Unrequired
Gender: Unrequired
Contract Terms:
Salary/M: From RMB: 6500 To RMB: 8000
Period/week: Teaching hours: 25        Office working Hours: 0
Student’s age: from: 5 to: 18  years old
Course: Llistening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
Course Statements:
RMB /Year
Airfare Statements:
Paid Holiday and Travel:
Travel Allowance:
RMB  Year
Telephone Allowance:
RMB /Year
Medical/Insurance: RMB  0 /Year
Medical/Insurance Allowance:
Allowance Apartment: Private Apartment
Apartment Detail: Computer,Office,Internet,Private Bedroom , TV,Private Kitchen ,Air Conditioning/ Heating,Private Bathroom,Phone,Furniture Water ,Washing Machine ,Electricity,Refrigerator,Gas ,
Position Information

International Training Center


This contract is made on    2016, between the Employer, International Training Center , and the Employee       , date of birth:     , nationality:       , permanent address:     .

A)         shall herein after be referred to as the Employee.


B) International Training Center shall herein be referred to as the Employer.



The Employer agrees to appoint the Employee as an Instructor at International Training Center branch and location.



The Employer offers a term of appointment from 1st September 2016 to 15th   June 2017.



a) The Employee is ultimately responsible to the Employer and is under the supervision of designated supervisors.

b) The Employee shall perform skillfully and diligently, in a professional manner, all the duties and responsibilities within the scope of the Employee’s employment with the center.

c) The Employee shall maintain a high standard of personal hygiene with attire from upper causal to semi formal.

d) The Employee will not charge for English instruction to anyone or any organization not approved of by the Employer, or work for any competitor of the Employer. The Employees cannot work in the Educational Field for International Training Center Clients within one year after the completion of their contract.

e) The Employee will obey the laws of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Upon request, the Employer can inform the Employee of all laws of China or be referred to local attorney (services for said attorney will be paid by the Employee).

i. If the Employee is fined because of the illegal behavior resulting from the Employer’s actions, then the Employer will reimburse the Employee for the full amount of any and all fines, regardless of the situation.

ii. If the Employee engages in any criminal / illegal activities (of any type) which cause the Employer to be fined, then the Employee will reimburse the Employer for the full amount of any and all fines, regardless of the situation.



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a) The Employee will work 5 days a week with a maximum of 25 class hours a week.

b) Daily working hours will be no earlier than 7:00 a.m. or later than 10:00 p.m.

c) Overtime is more than an average of 25 class hours per week, measured over a period including the two previous weeks. (If overtime is claimed in the first three weeks, the three weeks will include the first and third weeks, or the second and third weeks.) The employee can accept or refuse overtime work.

d) In International Training Center 's experience with its client schools, it has learned that it must expect constant change of schedules by the schools, sometimes on very short notice. This puts a hardship on International Training Center and its teachers. It requires that International Training Center teachers are able to respond to those changes at all times. Sometimes immediate response is not possible. International Training Center will appreciate on-call acceptance, but will only require teachers to accept schedule changes after it has given them twenty-four hour notice. International Training Center hopes there will be a minimum of these short-notice changes.



a) The Employer agrees to pay the Employee the remuneration of 6000 China Yuan Renminbi (RMB) per month for the duration of the contract. There will be no Chinese income tax deductions on these payments.

b) Overtime rate is 80 RMB per hour.

c) When either of the two parties fails to fulfill the contract or fails to fulfill the contract obligations according to the terms stipulated, that is, breaks the contract, it must pay a breach penalty of RMB 4000.

d) Other benefits and allowances are outlined later in this contract.

e) The Employee will receive the payment by cash in RMB on the 15th of each month, equivalent to the remuneration specified in this contract.



a) The employees shall be paid for authorized absences, due to sickness or accident up to a maximum of three days per year. Absence must be verified by a written authorization from a doctor. For authorization, the employee must maintain contact with the International Training Center office. After the three days are used up, if the employee can find a qualified full or part-time teacher as a replacement, with the permission of the employer, the employee will be responsible for the payment of any overtime involved for a full time teacher or full payment for a part-time teacher. If the class is cancelled because of the employees’ sickness and is made up later, it will not be considered for overtime.

b) The Employee must notify the Employer 12 hours prior to time of absence to qualify for sick leave unless there is a verified emergency.

c) For unexcused absence, a deduction of 100 RMB per hour from the Employee’s salary for every hour missed plus the following:

1st Time = Verbal Warning

2nd Time= 150 RMB Fine

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3rd Time= 300 RMB Fine

4th Time= 500 RMB Fine and possible Termination

d) Long-term illness on the part of the Employee could result in the deferral or cancellation of this contract.  The Employer will be the one to make that decision based upon the circumstances of the situation.

e) Unexcused tardiness (1-19 minutes):

1st Time = Verbal Warning

2nd Time= 100 RMB Fine

3rd Time= 200 RMB Fine

4th Time= 300 RMB Fine and possible Termination

Unexcused tardiness exceeding 20 minutes is counted as an unexcused absence.



The Employee is entitled to take vacations during over holidays breaks. Guaranteed holiday breaks are Labor Day (in May), Mid-Autunm Fesitval (September), and National holidays (in October). During the contracted period, the employee will be entitled to a total of 20 days paid holidays. This includes the national holidays. i.e vacations using the three holidays will use up paid holiday allowance plus one unpaid day. During the Winter Vacation (January or February 2017), if Party A has no class scheduled for Party B, then Party A will not pay Party B.



Any concerns arising out of the Employee’s personal contract and/or conditions of service should be discussed directly with the designated supervisor (and or Irene Lin) from International Training Center. In the case of any problem brought up by either side, appropriate and reasonable time will be granted to find a solution.



The Employer may terminate the Employee’s employment in the following situations:

a) If the Employee commits a breach of this contract.

b) Upon the completion of this contract.

c) The Employee’s performance continues to be unacceptable, after the Employee has been notified by the Director in writing that his or her performance is unsatisfactory and has been given reasonable time to improve.

d) If the employee is found to have committed any of the following offenses:

i.   Any sexual misconduct or fraternization other than normal for teacher/student with any or all student(s), regardless of age, or International Training Center Staff

ii.            Religious and / or political proselytizing

iii.           Inappropriate discussion of sensitive political or sexual matters while working.

iv.           Any type of violent, criminal or illegal activity (of any type).


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The Employee may terminate the contract if any of the following situations arises:

   a) Civil unrest within China, which directly affects the Employee’s safety.

   b) Illness or medical complications that threaten the Employee’s health and are verified by a certified medical doctor.

c) In circumstances which are mutually agreeable between Employee and Employer, with one-month notice being given. 

   d) Upon the completion of this contract.

   e) If the Employer commits a breach of this contract.



a)    Salary as specified in the contract.

b)   Issue and reimbursement of domestic fees (in China mainland, not include Hong Kong) for a ‘Z’ visa at the beginning of employment.

c)    Accident insurance. The employee shall bear the cost of any medical costs that are in excess of the benefits provided by the health insurance policy. The health insurance policy provided is subject to the Employee furnishing a current medical certificate that indicates the Employee is in good health and has no history of serious illness.

d)   Private Furnished Accommodation: A private apartment, with basic furniture, TV, and washing machine, air conditioner (heating) will be furnished by the Employer at no cost to the Employee. Should the employee wish to take his/her own accommodation in lieu, subject to prior agreement with the Employer, then the Employer will contribute maximum 1200 RMB towards rental cost.

i.     Utilities costs of a maximum of 100 RMB per month of apartment will be paid by Employer. Employee will pay telephone and any utilities exceeding the 100 RMB rate.

       ii.    Upkeep of the accommodation which should be clean and rubbish free is the responsibility of the Employee.

        iii.    Computer and internet access will be available in the office.

        iv.    Housing will continue to be provided over the holiday breaks.

    e)  Airfare: 6000 Yuan for International flight ticket allowance will be provided by Employer at the end of the contractual period. If the Employee fails to complete a one-year contract for any reason, neither the ticket allowance will be provided by Employer nor any payment made in compensation. 



Employer (signature) ________________         Date _________________


Employee (signature)  ______________          Date ______   ________   


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If you wish our Senior Consultant to help you Apply Job, please send these information to us via email:
1,Necessary documents for this Offer: Resume; Copies of Degrees; Copy of passport; General photos; Copies of Police Certificate and Letter of Recommendation. Necessary documents can improve the chances of application.
2,These Job’s ID you interest most (No more than 5 , Please)
3,When you can arrive to work;
4,Other Documents if you have. Chinese Visa, TEFL/TESOL certificate etc,
Attention please: Lots Email we got everyday from the world, sometime we could not reply in time, We suggest that you use the system, more faster and more safety.

Contact Person: Mr.Corey Yang Function: Senior Consultant No.68
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E-Mail: hr@anesl.com Addres: Haidian, Beijing, China
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